In the Loop

In The Loop.

In The Loop is the amusement industry’s leading podcast. We are on the midways of your favorite parks every week, even in the offseason.

Listen live below on Mondays at 5:30 PM EST (US), or subscribe to In the Loop on iTunes here.

Meet the hosts

Clint Novak

Clint is a founding member of the Coaster Crew, which has hosted over 200 special events at amusement parks all over North America.   He started In the Loop in January 2004, doing it as a daily show for about two years before it became a weekly show. He is based in Virginia, and his home park is Kings Dominion.

The Legend

Originally from New York, The Legend keeps us up to date on Florida’s bustling amusement industry from his new home state.  He hosted the A Walk in the Park podcast for three seasons and has been on In the Loop for 6 years.

Our guests

We have had many guests from parks on our episodes. Here are a few of our most recent guests:

  • Mark from Fun Spot Orlando
  • Gene from Kings Dominion
  • Ralph from The Beach Waterpark
  • Kara from Give Kids the World
  • Jennifer from Knott’s Berry Farm



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